Photos: Students explore open air market

Our group is lucky enough to be staying right down the street from a local gem: an open air market.

The market runs every Saturday, and offers goods ranging from household products and clothing to fresh fruit and fish. The market scene was overwhelming—with customers clogging the streets and vendors yelling encouragements to purchase their products.

Amid the hectic atmosphere of the market, I was able to snag a box of strawberries for 2.50 euro, which ended up being delicious. I’m hoping to go back to the market again before we leave to pick up some more fruits and veggies.

Paxtyn, Ellie and I walking around the open air market in Thessaloniki. / Photo by Olivia Arnold
Paxtyn eyeing the extensive candy selection. / Photo by Olivia Arnold
Paxtyn bagging up her prized candies. / Photo by Olivia Arnold
One of the many vendors selling fish at the market. / Photo by Olivia Arnold
A man weighs strawberries at a market stand. / Photo by Olivia Arnold
Me searching for the best strawberries. / Photo by Paxtyn Merten
Me again, buying those strawberries. / Photo by Paxtyn Merten 
The strawberries I bought from the market—which were delicious. / Photo by Olivia Arnold

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