In defense of Suma’s lack of blog posts

A sweet angel trying to do Mike and Carlene’s assignments. / Photo by Olivia Arnold

Pictured above is my roommate, Suma Hussien. You can follow her blog here, though you may realize there is a shortage of content on it.

We’re supposed to be blogging every other day on this trip for our personal blogs, along with an additional two times a week for the School of Journalism as part of our scholarship.

As Suma’s roommate, who shares a bed approximately three feet from her, I have watched day in and day out as Suma tries to write blog posts. Without fail, she always falls asleep. I’m not kidding. She falls asleep every single time she sits down to write a blog post, often fully clothed, with the lights on and laptop in hand.

Just after this photo was taken, because I told her she had to take her face mask off before going to bed, she responded groggily with “I’m trying”—in reference to the blogs. We know, Suma. We’re all trying our best.

*This post has been approved by Suma Hussien. 


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