My top 5 trip injuries

1. MY HAND: The Saturday night before we left for Chios, I decided to stay in and have a relaxing night to prepare for the big trip. While taking a shower, the shower head (which can be detached with a chord but was propped up at the top) decided to viciously attack me for no reason. I instinctively put up my right hand—my WRITING hand—to block the shower head from concussing me. It hurt. A lot. I started panicking because I could barely move my hand and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to take notes during my interviews in Chios the following day. Everything ended up being okay, though my right hand still hurts a little if you touch the spot where I was hit.


2. MY FINGER: While walking home from the bars on Saturday night, I innocently closed my purse (which snaps shut) and my finger nail unknowingly got stuck in the buckle. When I pulled my hand back, it took a chunk of my right pointer finger nail with it. It was bleeding. It was gross. Luckily, Paxtyn saved the day with some bandaids. I’m now a firm believer that we should all bring bandaids with us to the bars.

3. MY ANKLE: On this same unfortunate walk home as the previous incident, I was apparently unsatisfied with my minimal injury and decided to put myself more in harm’s way. There were some short poles on the sidewalk near the road, and I thought it would be fun to try to bounce off of them ala Michael Scott style.


Similarly to “The Office” episode, it didn’t end well. After bouncing off the second pole, I twisted my right ankle on the landing and knocked my shoe off. I was convinced momentarily that I had sprained my ankle on the night just before our upcoming five hour hike of Mount Olympus. Thankfully, my injury magically fixed itself once again after some sleep.

4. MY WRIST: On Sunday, while hiking Mount Olympus, the highest point in Greece, I fell. Twice. The hike is super tough, and the rain made the rocks and ground extra slippery. The first time I fell, there was a rock secretly hidden beneath leaves that I did not see, and I did a sort of graceful trip onto the ground. The second time was not as graceful. I fell onto some rocks, giving my left wrist a tiny but stinging cut. Once again, Paxtyn saved me, but this time with some Neosporin. Fun fact: At ALL TIMES, Paxtyn carries around Neosporin, bandaids, Carmex, ibuprofen and a single painkiller pill. We should all aspire to be like her.

5. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST…THE RED BUMPS ALL OVER MY FACE AND ARMS: This is not technically an injury. However, this issue is so pressing that it probably deserves its own blog post. Since coming to Thessaloniki, mysterious red bumps have been appearing all over my face, neck and arms.  At first, I thought they were pimples. But then some of them started to itch, so I thought bug bites. But they don’t all itch—so maybe it’s a combination of pimples and bug bites? Either way, each day I wake up with some new glaring blemish. It’s so bad that when I FaceTimed with my boyfriend last week, the first questions he asked were: “Are you okay? What is that on your face?” I’ve been documenting the evolution of my red bumps because I’m incredibly narcissistic.

That concludes all my injuries/weird blemishes for the trip thus far. Tune in next time.

Featured photo courtesy Shelly, Creative Commons


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