Photos: Ferry becomes a sunset cruise

Yesterday, we had a relaxing and rejuvenating day at the beach on the Greek island of Aegina. We swam, we tanned, we ate seafood. Some of us left sun-kissed, while others rocked more of a lobster red shade (namely me, Danny and Paxtyn).

A group of us took the last ferry back to Athens at 7:30 p.m. and we were lucky enough to witness a magnificent sunset along the way. Though I usually write long-winded blog posts that cover every detail of our trip, I’m opting this time to highlight one small thing that made me happy, and provided a special moment for us all to share together.

The view of the sunset from the deck of our ferry back to Athens. / Photo by Olivia Arnold
Me watching the sunset. / Photo by Isaac Feldberg, braids by Paxtyn Merten
Me again watching as the sun dips further down. / Photo by Isaac Feldberg
The sun left behind rays of golden lights and a purple and pink sky. / Photo by Olivia Arnold

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