The (third to) Last Supper

Nothing is better than good food with a good view and good company.

Yesterday, Isaac and I went to interview a political science professor who studies Islamic traditions for our video story about plans to build Athens’ first public mosque. We struck up a lot of interesting and engaging conversations with him, and after our interview, I asked him if there was anything we had to see in Athens before leaving in three days (now, just two days—ah!)

He suggested Psaras Taverna, a traditional Greek cuisine and seafood restaurant perched atop a hill overlooking the city. When we returned to the hotel after our interview (and a long Metro ride home), Isaac and I were exhausted. We literally face-planted onto my bed. But one thing kept us from falling asleep on the spot—we were also hungry.

We rallied a group of people to follow the professor’s enthusiastic suggestion and head to Psaras. And wow, it did not disappoint!

If anyone is looking for a restaurant to go to on our final night without dinner plans today, I highly recommend this place. Just look at how happy we all are in the photos below:

Look at these two lovelies that I get to sit next to. Bask in their beauty. / Photo by Luke Dean
Look at these cute people I get to gaze at from across the table. / Photo by Olivia Arnold

A special thank you to Gerasimos Makris, the professor who not only gave us a great interview, but also wonderful dinner plans (and is a reader of the blog).


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